Stain Removal

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We know you badly want to see your stain-covered item restored back to its original form. We share your wish too.


But we cannot promise you right away that we will have the stain gone in minutes because effective stain removal revolves around many factors.

However, there’s very little our equipment can’t do. We only use the best ones on the market, which means we will apply the best solution there’s to your stain problem. 

Normally, we have to see the item first and note things such as: 

  • The type of stain
  • Duration of the stain
  • Type of fabric/surface and so forth

With these in mind, our professionals will then determine the most suitable cleaning agent and equipment to use.

We usually have an easier time getting rid of a stain when we use the correct tools and cleaning solutions. For the tougher stains, we take a different approach since the normal methods barely work. 

For example, coloured stains can be a pain to remove. So, we use special stain removal solutions and advanced technical skills to make them come out. But first, we will need to know about 

  • The state of the stain
  • What caused it
  • The item or surface it is on
  • How old it is 
  • if the stain is untouched or tampered with

We have what it takes to clear out stains on your carpets, curtains, rugs, dining chairs, sofas and many other items. You do not have to suffer the pain of living with an item that has lost its appearance and form. 

Sometimes you will be tempted to just give up on a stain and get a new item but before you go down this path, let us have a go at it. 

We do not want to claim to be the best. That’s for you to decide when our job is done. But what you should know about us is that we have the capacity and resources to make your item look as good as new at a very affordable price.